What are the best locations for a living art piece?
There are two important aspects to choosing a location for your living art piece. First light/exposure and secondly the secure attachment to a vertical surface. Though the art pieces I create are usually supplied with bumpers to allow for air circulation behind the piece they are NOT intended for use where moisture or drips may be a problem (see watering instructions below). These living art pieces require bright but INDIRECT light – typically a covered porch, or a fence or wall with protection from hot afternoon sun. During cold weather months, protect from frost. When hanging your living art piece, be certain that the hanger and its location will support the piece when wet or dry (overestimate for a maximum of 60 pounds).

Can I bring my living art piece indoors?
Your living art piece will do best outdoors when exposed to the natural fluctuations of day to night temperatures and maximum daylight hours. Living art can be brought indoors for short periods of several days or so to decorate your indoor spaces. However, the plants may respond to being indoors when kept there longer. This is usually seen by a change in their growth habit (some ‘stretching’ may be apparent) and weakening of color(s).

How often should I water my living art piece?
Water requirements for your living art piece will vary depending on your climate, weather patterns and location / exposure. During cooler winter months, or when humidity is high, watering may only be necessary every 4 to 6, or even 8 weeks. Plants are best kept ‘under-watered’ through all seasons, especially during winter months. At all times of year, water only when planting medium within container is DRY. If you notice any of the plant leaves changing so that they appear wrinkled, it is time to water. See recommended method below.

How do I water my living art piece?
Watering is best done when planting medium is dry or nearly dry. Removing the art piece from it’s hanging location to allow for thorough soaking is recommended, especially during the warm spring and summer months. Soak in 1 to 2 inches of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow to drain for a minimum of several hours, or even better, overnight, before placing back in hanging location.

Does my living art piece need fertilizing?
For best plant health, it is a good idea to fertilize several times during the growing season – from late spring through summer – using a liquid fertilizer suitable for succulents. Follow manufacturer’s directions for dilution, mixing into water during a regular watering.