Life's Canvas - 23 x 37

Succulent Art – A Fresh Visual Canvas That  Evolves Naturally

Trish Ottens Designs offers uniquely vital artwork for the home or business environment.

These living succulent art pieces offer evolving visual appeal. Designed for outdoor display, they dramatically green vertical surfaces such as patio or porch walls and fences to enhance your outdoor living space. As they feature slow-growing, drought-tolerant succulents, they require watering as infrequently as every six weeks, depending on season, and will require only occasional maintenance. Art pieces can be displayed indoors for brief periods, as well.

“Green” From The Roots Up

The components for these living art pieces have been carefully selected to yield the ‘greenest’ living art possible. Many of my containers and armatures are recycled, and also recyclable. Of course the plants themselves offer a re-generative capability – as they are pruned to maintain the depth of the art piece, cuttings can be inserted into the original piece or potted separately to take root. With proper care, the plants in these living art pieces should last for some time.* Consultation regarding care and placement included with purchase. Continuing consultation services are available upon request.

Please use the contact page to inquire regarding current availability or if you are interested in a custom design.

*Disclaimer: These living art pieces are supplied with plants in healthy condition. As care and maintenance are not in the control of Trish Ottens Designs after sale, no representation is made as to the expected lifespan of the work.